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Pakistan’s Exports to the Middle East Skyrocketed by 32%, Surpassing $1.5 Billion

In a significant economic upturn, Pakistan’s exports to the Middle East have surged by 32.33% in the first half of the current fiscal year, reaching an impressive $1.506 billion. This substantial growth is attributed to heightened demand for Pakistani products in key nations such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The government’s recent move to sign a free trade agreement with GCC countries is expected to propel exports further, fostering stronger trade relations and economic cooperation in the region.


The detailed breakdown showcases a remarkable 48.27% increase in exports to Saudi Arabia, reaching $328.23 million, while exports to the UAE experienced a notable surge of 37.93%, totalling $1 billion. This positive momentum contrasts with the previous fiscal year’s downturn, where exports to the Middle East declined by 12.62%.


Despite this overall surge, certain countries like Qatar and Bahrain witnessed declines of 14.9% and 1%, respectively. However, the government’s strategic trade agreements are poised to balance these fluctuations and fortify Pakistan’s export potential.


This rebound in exports marks a positive shift in Pakistan’s trade dynamics, indicating not only recovery but also the potential for sustained growth in the international market. As the nation leverages strategic partnerships and expands trade horizons, the future looks promising for Pakistan’s economic resurgence on the global stage.

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