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Pakistan’s GDP Growth To Hit 3.2%
Recent economic forecasts have predicted a 3.2% GDP growth for the fiscal year 2025. This signals great...

Tourism To Break $30 Billion by 2030
The tourism sector in Pakistan is poised for a remarkable evolution, as forecasts indicate that tourism...

Why Real Estate is Your Ultimate Hedge Against Inflation
In today’s economic climate, with the global cost of living rising, savvy investors in the UK and...

Private Equity vs. Real Estate: Where Should You Invest?
How can I grow my wealth? There are many answers, each with its own set of pros and cons, and investors...

Finance, Savings, and Your Masterplan to Passive Income
The dream of retirement — idyllic days spent travelling the world, pursuing hobbies, and living life...

Remittances Surge 44% to $3.16b
Pakistan’s economic outlook is shining brighter than ever, fueled partially by a surge in overseas...

PSX Breaches 81,000 Points: Is Now the Time to Invest?
The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) is on fire. The KSE-100 index, a benchmark for the Pakistani stock...

oil & gas
The Investor’s Guide to Pakistan: Oil & Gas Invests $5b
As you explore real estate investment opportunities in Pakistan, it’s important to understand how economic...

$5b Forex Increase and What It Means For Real Estate (and Overseas Investors!)
For overseas Pakistanis considering a real estate investment in their homeland, recent economic developments...

Pakistan Luxury Property Show 2024: Global Success
The Pakistan Luxury Property Show (PLPS) 2024 concluded on a high note! One Homes has exceeded expectations...

exports - 2
Export Goals Exceeded by $30.64 Billion
Pakistan’s merchandise exports experienced a positive trajectory in the financial year 2023-24...

External building
Why Are Serviced Apartments a Good Property Investment?
Serviced apartments could be your perfect investment escape pod! Imagine fully furnished units that rent...

FBR Beats Target by Rs54bn
Pakistan’s economic performance continues to impress. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) recently...

Night Facade Cam
Rental Management: What It Means For Property Owners
Real estate in Pakistan is on the rise, and wise property investors are getting a piece of the pie now....

Pakistan's economic outlook
FDI Increases to $1.73 billion in 11MFY24
Pakistan’s economic outlook is bolstered by a steady rise in foreign direct investment (FDI). ...

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