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Kobi Karp

Kobi Karp

Kobi Karp, the Founder of Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, Inc (KKAID), has gained global recognition for his firm’s expertise in sustainable architecture. Established in 1996, KKAID stands as one of the foremost design firms, renowned for spearheading prestigious projects in Miami and beyond.

Karp’s visionary leadership has led to the creation of iconic developments such as the Four Seasons Surfside, Legacy Miami World Centre Residences, and the groundbreaking One Canal Road in Lahore, Pakistan, marking his debut in the country.

Under Karp’s direction as the Principal-in-Charge of Design since its inception, KKAID offers a comprehensive range of services, from large-scale, high-rise condominiums and hospitality projects to smaller residential and commercial structures.

Among Karp’s notable clientele are NBA star Juwan Howard and Barry Sternlicht, founder of Starwood Capital Group, for whom he has designed exceptional homes. The firm’s outstanding achievements have garnered widespread acclaim, featured prominently in esteemed publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Architectural Digest, as well as on major television networks including CBS, NBC, and CNN.

Notable Work

  • Astor & Edison Hotels
  • Palazzo Del Sol
  • Palazzo Della Luna
  • Four Seasons Private Residences in Fort Lauderdale
  • Monad Terrace
  • The Surf Club Surfside

Featured In

With a team of creative visionaries and site architecture experts meticulously selected by One Homes, Kobi Karp continues to push boundaries in luxury residential design. His latest project, One Canal Road in Lahore, reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence. Describing his vision for the development, Karp emphasises meticulous attention to detail, from its panoramic views to its lavish amenities, positioning it as the epitome of luxury living.

Kobi Karp’s legacy extends far beyond individual projects, shaping the landscape of sustainable architecture globally. Headquartered in Miami, his multi-award-winning design practice has left an indelible mark on Florida’s architectural heritage, with projects like the Astor & Edison Hotels, Palazzo Del Sol, and the Four Seasons Private Residences in Fort Lauderdale.