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Hamid Kerayechian

Hamid Kerayechian

Hamid Kerayechian is a prominent entrepreneur and the CEO and founding partner of Ayana Holding. Kerayechian moved to Dubai in 2008 and has since become a key figure in luxury development, earning recognition such as being named “Visionary Leader of the Year” at the Design Middle East Awards in 2020 and being listed among “Dubai’s Most Influential People” and “Most Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East”​. His leadership has been instrumental in building a growing portfolio of thriving companies, positioning Ayana Holding as a leader in innovation within Dubai’s dynamic landscape. Ayana Holding, with its strong financial and operational expertise, has become a multi-million dollar group, showcasing its ability to navigate diverse economies and innovate across industries.

The strategic partnership between One Homes and Ayana Holdings heralds a groundbreaking era for luxury real estate development in Pakistan with a shared vision and a combined investment of $30 million project One Serene Residences in Islamabad. This collaboration promises to revolutionise the landscape of urban living in Pakistan and set new standards for luxury lifestyle offerings.

One Homes has extended the collaboration for another mega-development at Cedar Hills. By joining forces with Ayana Holdings, renowned for its global expertise and innovative approach, One Homes gains access to a wealth of resources and knowledge. This partnership enables One Homes to leverage Ayana’s unparalleled experience in delivering world-leading technology and concepts, ensuring that the landmark development in Islamabad reaches its full potential.

Notable Work

  • Mandarin Oriental, Istanbul
  • Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi
  • Nuraxi Resort, Sardinia Italy
  • Nautilus Resort, Maldives
  • Al Maktoum International Airport Expansion
  • Marina One Residences

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Chairman Hamid Kerayechian’s acknowledgment of Pakistan’s rich heritage and historic ties with the UAE reflects the significance of this collaboration. Their commitment to creating a first-of-its-kind project underscores the shared dedication to innovation and excellence.

This collaboration brings a lot of innovation and expertise to Pakistan’s real estate sector. By infusing the project in Islamabad with world-leading technology and concepts, One Homes and Ayana Holdings elevate the standards of urban living and redefine luxury lifestyle offerings in the region. Together, they pave the way for a transformative development that not only enhances the skyline of Islamabad but also sets a new benchmark for luxury real estate projects in Pakistan.