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Francesco Lanno

Francesco Lanno

Francesco Lanno is the Export Manager for Versace Ceramics at Gardenia Orchidea. In his role, he focuses on expanding the brand’s reach and establishing long-term collaborations with luxury developers worldwide. He has been involved in notable projects such as the One Canal Road development in Lahore, Pakistan, where Versace ceramics are used extensively for flooring and walls to bring a touch of luxury to the residential project​.

Versace Ceramics, a prestigious brand synonymous with luxury and elegance, is a part of the renowned Italian ceramics manufacturer Gardenia Orchidea. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, Versace Ceramics combines the opulent aesthetic of the Versace fashion house with high-quality ceramic materials. This collaboration results in exquisite tiles that bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to residential and commercial spaces. Each piece reflects the iconic style and meticulous attention to detail that the Versace brand is celebrated for, making them a preferred choice for high-end projects globally.

Versace Ceramics has embarked on an exciting collaboration with One Homes for the development of One Serene Residences in Islamabad, Pakistan. This partnership aims to introduce a new era of luxury living in the region, setting unprecedented standards in residential design and amenities.

The collaboration between Versace Ceramics and One Homes is poised to transform the luxury real estate landscape in Pakistan. One Serene Residences will feature an array of high-end amenities and bespoke interior finishes, all adorned with the distinctive Versace Ceramics. This includes elegant flooring, intricate wall designs, and opulent bathroom fittings that embody the Versace ethos of luxury and sophistication.

Notable Work

  • Hotel Milano Palace Modena
  • Grand Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Hotel Royal Tulip Almaty
  • Casale Marchese
  • Palazzo Versace Dubai
  • DAMAC Tower Nine Elms London

Featured In

This partnership marks the first significant venture for Versace Ceramics in Pakistan, reflecting the growing demand for luxury living spaces in the country. By integrating Versace Ceramics into the One Serene Residences project, One Homes aims to cater to the discerning tastes of affluent homeowners and investors seeking unparalleled quality and design in their properties.

The use of Versace Ceramics in this project is not only a testament to the brand’s global appeal but also a strategic move to elevate the standard of residential developments in Pakistan. It underscores a commitment to delivering exceptional living experiences that rival those found in the most exclusive locales around the world. As a result, this collaboration is expected to set a new benchmark for luxury real estate in Pakistan, attracting both local and international attention and setting the stage for future high-end developments in the region.