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Revolutionising Urban Landscapes: Speeding Ahead with New Developments

Amidst the dawn of a new era in Pakistani governance, urban development surged forward with unprecedented speed. The rapid implementation of these initiatives has reignited confidence in the new government. Here, we explore long-awaited developments and exciting new initiatives that will significantly drive the country’s economic growth.


Rawalpindi, the fourth most populous city in Pakistan, is currently preparing for the completion of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Initially planned for completion in 2025, the Punjab government has now set a target to finish it within this year under the directive of the newly elected Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz. 


The project involves the construction of five interchanges, 11 overpasses, bridges over two rivers, six canals, and a railway bridge. Currently, 24% of the project work has been completed, with the remaining 76% expected to be finished by December 2024. This project holds significant importance in improving transportation efficiency for citizens. 


Another significant initiative involves launching the Punjab Free WiFi service, providing residents across the province with free access to Wi-Fi. The pilot project will commence within 14 days, offering free Wi-Fi coverage throughout Punjab. The government’s primary objective is to foster the development of the IT sector, recognizing its crucial role in the modern era.


Additionally, authorities launched Safe City projects in three major cities within a year. This region-wide initiative aims to increase safety by controlling crime and monitoring traffic. All Safe City projects across Punjab have received approval. The project leverages modern technology to enhance law enforcement, fostering secure and thriving cities and ensuring public safety.


Amidst these initiatives, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) intensified city safety efforts by implementing Safe City projects. As the city aims for a greener future, the CDA’s plan to plant 10 million trees in Margalla Hills underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability and biodiversity.


These developments in the government’s initial period reflect rapid progress and the attainable completion of projects. They propel Pakistan towards growth, promising a brighter and more sustainable future for all citizens, and enhancing its status as a secure place to live.

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