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Pakistan Stock Market Makes a Splash: PSX Surpasses Historic 78,000 Mark!

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) is riding a wave of optimism, reaching a record-breaking high on Thursday. The KSE-100 Index soared past the 78,000 milestone for the first time, closing at a staggering 78,213 points. This incredible jump represents a 1.93% increase compared to the previous week’s closing of 76,706.77 points.


The market’s positive sentiment started strong right after the Eid ul Adha holidays. By 9:44 am, the KSE-100 Index had already surpassed the 77,000 mark, reflecting a bullish opening. This momentum was fueled by enthusiastic buying across key sectors, including:


  • Automobile Assemblers
  • Commercial Banks
  • Fertilisers
  • Oil and Gas Exploration Companies
  • Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs)
  • Refineries


Major stocks like ODGC, POL, SHEL, SNGPL, MEBL, and HBL all played a significant role, trading positively and further boosting investor confidence.


Several factors are contributing to this historic high:


  • Fitch Ratings’ Optimism: Their “ambitious” assessment of Pakistan’s 2024-25 budget suggests a brighter economic future, potentially leading to a successful deal with the IMF.
  • Favourable Tax Policies: The decision to maintain current tax rates on dividends and capital gains for filers has instilled confidence in the market.


Building on last week’s bullish trend, driven by the aforementioned tax policies, the PSX is experiencing a phenomenal run. This record-breaking high signifies growing investor confidence in Pakistan’s economic prospects.


While the coming weeks will determine if this positive trend continues, the PSX is undoubtedly celebrating a landmark achievement. This surge is a testament to the combined effect of favorable government policies and strong performance across key sectors.

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