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Pakistan Sees A 68% Increase in IT Export’s Golden Age

Pakistan’s IT sector is experiencing a golden age, with exports hitting record highs and the future brimming with potential. In April 2024 alone, the nation witnessed a staggering 62% year-over-year increase in IT exports, reaching a monumental US$310 million. This surpasses the previous record of $306 million set just a month earlier, showcasing the sector’s relentless momentum.


The first 10 months of the fiscal year paint an equally positive picture. IT exports reached a total of $2.59 billion, a significant 21% increase compared to the previous year’s period. 


Several key factors are propelling this impressive growth. The Special Initiative for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (SIFC) has successfully implemented business-friendly policies and strategic reforms. These reforms include maintaining a stable local currency, a crucial factor for fostering a secure environment for IT businesses. 


Additionally, SIFC has streamlined the process for freelancers to deposit their foreign earnings in local bank accounts, unlocking the potential of this valuable talent pool. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has also played a vital role by increasing the retention limit for IT companies from 35% to 50%, offering them greater financial flexibility.


Pakistan boasts a wealth of IT talent, with recent statistics showing millions of professionals and freelancers contributing significantly to the sector’s growth. By working with foreign companies, they boost their careers and contribute to the nation’s foreign exchange reserves. This skilled workforce is a cornerstone of the sector’s success.


The SIFC prioritizes promoting the IT sector and creates space for collaboration and recognition by bringing professionals together. Recognizing the importance of constant progress, SIFC also emphasizes fostering a culture of innovation within the IT sector.


The exponential growth in Pakistan’s IT exports proves to be extremely beneficial for the economy, as well as students and young professionals with budding careers. This positive outlook positions Pakistan as a key player in the larger tech world, and the industry as a stable and profitable space for investment.

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