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Pakistan Luxury Property Show 2024: Global Success

The Pakistan Luxury Property Show (PLPS) 2024 concluded on a high note! One Homes has exceeded expectations and solidified its position as the event for overseas Pakistanis looking to buy high-return property investments. 


Held across seven major cities worldwide — London, New York, Toronto, Birmingham, Manchester, Chicago, and Oslo — the event attracted a significant audience. In all 4 countries, expats, families, and investors were eager to explore Pakistan’s real estate market.



Amaya Panoramas Takes Centre Stage 

A key highlight of PLPS 2024 was the launch of Amaya Panoramas, a curated collection of Pakistan’s most apartments in Islamabad. Property investors who choose to buy into this prestigious development enjoy fully serviced apartments that come with rental management.


Connecting Communities, Facilitating Investment

The event provided a valuable platform for overseas Pakistanis to reconnect with their roots and explore lucrative investment opportunities. Attendees benefited from insightful discussions with industry experts, gained exclusive access to a diverse portfolio of apartments in Lahore and Islamabad, and received expert guidance on navigating the Pakistani real estate landscape.



Here’s a glimpse of what attendees experienced at PLPS 2024:


  • Official Property Launches: Discover a curated selection of high-end properties in Pakistan, offering competitive entry points with prices starting from $87,000.


  • High Rental Yields: Explore investment opportunities with the potential for exceptional rental returns, reaching up to 9%.


  • Expert Guidance: Connect with experienced real estate professionals who can provide personalized advice and support throughout the investment journey.


  • Flexible Investment Plans: Find investment options that cater to your needs and preferences, with a variety of flexible plans available.


The success of PLPS 2024 underscores the growing interest in Pakistan’s real estate market amongst overseas Pakistanis. With its booming economy, thriving markets, and attractive investment opportunities, Pakistan offers a compelling proposition for those seeking high-return properties and a connection to their heritage.


Ready to Explore?

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or considering your first foray into Pakistani real estate, the resources and connections offered by PLPS can empower you to make informed decisions.


Start your journey today! Our team can help you find the perfect property, whether you want a summer hideaway, a home base, or perhaps a reliable asset that pays returns for generations to come. Contact One Homes to find out why you should buy property in Pakistan, or follow this link to check out our projects.

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