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Find Your Roots in The City of Gardens

Are you trying to find a property that’ll give you rental yields for generations to come? Home seekers in the UK, or anywhere in the world should look no further than Lahore. Believe it or not, Pakistan’s housing market is blooming, and the city of gardens is home to one of real estate’s crown jewels. 


In a place where the historical meets the hip, One Canal Road takes luxury living to another level. While many cities struggle to retain their charm during modernisation, Lahore thrives as a cultural hub, blending the best of both worlds.  And property investors who work with One Homes have the added benefit of having their rental plans and maintenance completely taken care of.


Why Buy Property in Lahore?

Lahore boasts a booming economy with growth across various sectors. From education and healthcare to retail and hospitality, the city offers a wealth of opportunities for residents. This development has led to the rise of luxurious neighbourhoods like DHA Lahore, Model Town, and Gulberg all featuring top-tier amenities like mega malls, excellent hospitals, international schools, and world-class restaurants.


The Lifestyle

From the extravagance of Emporium Mall to the labyrinthine charm of traditional bazaars, the city offers endless shopping possibilities. Discover unique handcrafted souvenirs alongside international fashion brands.


As for the night owls, Lahore shines even when the sun doesn’t. The city comes alive at night, with bustling bazaars and energetic crowds. Explore the food stalls, art galleries, and craft shops that all stay open late. 


But fair warning, once you try the street food, you’ll have a hard time walking away. From mouthwatering street food like gol gappay and kebabs to aromatic biryanis, the culinary scene is legendary. Don’t miss the chance to explore the fusion cuisine offered by trendy cafes and fine-dining establishments alongside the iconic historical eateries.


Tailormade for Overseas Pakistanis

Lahore’s property market is growing, offering a sound investment for those seeking a luxurious and exciting lifestyle. One Homes prides itself on finding the very best property for sale so that every development has a secure yet accessible location. 


Along with that, project partners are chosen very selectively, and for this particular property, they include architectural genius Kobi Karp, interior design mogul Sarah Rahal, and Versace. Follow this link to get a closer look at One Canal Road or contact us to find out more.

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