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Agricultural Sector Abloom: Rs. 54.49 Million Granted For Crucial Projects

Pakistan’s agricultural sector is experiencing a surge of positive developments, promising a bright future for the country’s economy and food security. The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) recently approved a significant investment of Rs. 54.49 million for the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to execute crucial agricultural projects. 


This funding will be directed towards initiatives increasing wheat production, improving water management, and bolstering watercourse infrastructure. Agriculture is a vital source of revenue for Pakistan, employing over 37% of the workforce and contributing nearly half (46%) of the GDP directly and indirectly, is receiving a boost with new technologies, government investment, and international partnerships.


The recent Agri-Connections conference in Lahore is a testament to the interest in agricultural progress. The ZarZaraat agri-startup competition, launched at the conference, is a prime example. It aims to bridge the funding gap between budding agricultural startups and investors by providing a platform for groundbreaking technologies. 


The conference also highlighted successful models worldwide that can inspire Pakistan’s agricultural transformation. Pakistan is also forging international partnerships to leverage expertise and resources. The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) recently signed an MOU with a Chinese investment company to facilitate cooperation between the two nations. It also supports the establishment of special economic zones, which can further boost agricultural production and trade.


Another exciting development is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed for sustainable aquaculture projects in Gwadar between China and Pakistan. This collaboration will surely add value to the agricultural sector, with the country being renowned for its marine biodiversity. 


By combining Chinese knowledge with Pakistani local expertise, this project promises to unlock the immense potential of the aquaculture sector in Gwadar. This includes improvement in hatchery management, farming techniques, and processing capabilities.


These developments paint a very positive picture of Pakistan’s agricultural and economic future. By embracing modern methods, securing government support, and forging international partnerships, the sector is well on its way to becoming a contemporary, efficient, and sustainable model. 

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