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A Glimpse Behind the Progress of One Canal Road


One Homes’ first project One Canal Road stands as a testament to the pursuit of architectural excellence in the heart of Lahore. As 2024 begins, the construction journey of this flagship project takes centre stage.


Construction Update:


With a construction area covering 226,261 sq. ft., significant milestones have been achieved in the construction progress of One Canal Road since 2022. Currently standing at an impressive 90% completion of the gray structure, the project has seen 416,660 sq. ft. of formwork meticulously completed, 1,407 tons of steel strategically deployed, and 10,057 cubic meters of concrete poured. The external/internal plaster has reached Level 7. These advancements signify the project’s journey toward its final form, reflecting precision and dedication in every detail.


The focus on Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) utilities has reached Level 10, complemented by Civil Work advanced to Level 12. A pivotal achievement is the completed installation of fire-fighting systems, and electrical piping, from basements to Level 8. 


Advancing Forward: Global Partnerships Transforming Lahore’s Landscape:


Tailor-made for overseas Pakistanis, One Canal Road has been designed with every convenience in mind, creating a superior standard of living. Delivering this masterpiece of canal-side living, the most imaginative and inspirational global talents have been brought together. Born from the collaboration of architectural genius Kobi Karp, internationally renowned interior design expert Sarah Rahal, and the prestigious Versace Ceramics, this remarkable project marks a new era of luxury living and architectural excellence in Lahore’s real estate landscape.


Limited Opportunities Remain:


With the construction nearing completion, seize the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary community. Limited units are available, presenting a rare opportunity to secure a residence in the epitome of luxury living.

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