The Key To Successful Real Estate Investing Is Mega Infrastructure

Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in real estate capital growth, and planned developments can shape future investment opportunities. In this regard, Pakistan’s latest mega project, the Bara Kahu Bypass, is set to revolutionise the real estate landscape of Islamabad. Previously inaccessible due to connectivity issues, the Eastern Frontier of Islamabad, nestled in the Margalla Hills with Murree’s scenic vistas, is now within reach.



Completed within an impressive 10-month timeframe, the Bara Kahu infrastructure project has dramatically reduced travel times. What used to take up to 60 minutes to reach the Murree Expressway from Downtown Islamabad now takes a mere 12 minutes. This development unlocks the potential for picturesque living just minutes away from the capital, evoking the beauty of Murree’s surroundings.

Real estate experts predict that this project will become the new frontier for growth and development in Islamabad. Over the last decade, house prices in the capital have surged by 440%. In the years ahead, properties around the Murree Expressway are expected to outpace the base rate of growth in Islamabad, with projected increases ranging from 25% to 40%.


If you are wondering why you should be investing in newly unlocked areas, here are some factors to consider:

High Growth Potential: These once-isolated areas now have access to vital infrastructure, promising both growth potential and promising development prospects.


Affordable Entry: Property prices are typically more budget-friendly, providing a cost-effective entry point for investors.


Supply-Demand Dynamics: Limited property supply coupled with rising demand can boost property values and rental income, offering an early mover advantage.


Early Mover Advantage: By investing in these emerging areas now, you gain the advantage of being an early mover, potentially securing more significant returns as the area develops.

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