Pakistan’s Current Account Deficit Plummets by 91% in October 2023

In the latest economic snapshot, Pakistan’s current account revealed a deficit of $74 million in October 2023, a notable 91% decrease compared to the $849 million recorded in the same month last year. This positive annual trend signals a significant improvement, emphasising the country’s resilience in managing its economic affairs.


However, on a monthly basis, the deficit experienced a 61% increase from September, rising from $46 million to $74 million. This fluctuation highlights the dynamic nature of economic indicators influenced by various internal and external factors.


A closer examination of the central bank’s data reveals a noteworthy surge in the country’s exports (goods and services), reaching $3.418 billion in October 2023—a remarkable 18% increase from the $2.902 billion recorded in October 2022. In contrast, total imports showed a 3% decline, amounting to $5.17 billion in October 2023 compared to $5.35 billion during the same period last year. This nuanced interplay between exports and imports underscores the complexities of maintaining a balanced current account.


Looking at the broader fiscal picture, Pakistan has made remarkable strides in managing its current account deficit. In the July-October period of fiscal year 2024, the deficit stood at $1.06 billion, significantly down from $3.1 billion during the same period in the previous fiscal year (FY23). This represents a substantial reduction of over $2 billion, showcasing the effectiveness of economic measures taken to stabilise the country’s financial landscape.


The State Bank of Pakistan’s October Monetary Policy Committee meeting underscored this improvement, noting an over 58% YoY reduction in the current account deficit to $947 million in Jul-Sep FY24, nearly stabilising in September 2023. This positive trajectory is crucial for Pakistan, a nation heavily reliant on imports to sustain its economy.


While challenges persist, including pressure on the exchange rate and foreign exchange reserves standing at just over $7.6 billion, Pakistan’s economic journey is showing promising signs of resilience and adaptability. As global economic conditions continue to evolve, navigating these waters with strategic fiscal policies remains imperative for Pakistan’s economic well-being.

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