Islamabad: $60 Million Worth of Investments Signed at USAID Diaspora Conference

Chairman One Group Zeeshaan Shah, delivered the keynote at the US-Pakistani Diaspora Engagement Conference held recently at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. Organised by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the conference featured keynote speeches and discussions on key issues, including support for flood affectees, innovation in healthcare and technology, and the investment landscape of Pakistan. During the event, agreements for FDI of over $60 million were signed within the venture capital and data centre development sectors.


Over 100 participants attended the conference, including business leaders of the US-Pakistani diaspora, prominent local business leaders, and key government officials. The conference aimed to educate the US-Pakistani diaspora and encourage them to invest in the humanitarian, social, and commercial sectors of Pakistan while also exploring new avenues for joint engagements in the future.


At the event, United States Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Andrew Schofer emphasised that the US considers the US-Pakistani diaspora a key partner in their humanitarian, social, and commercial endeavours in the country.


The conference ended with the signing of two MoUs formalising the $60 million commitment, along with closing remarks from key attendees.


In his keynote, Zeeshaan Shah said, “The US is a very important partner for Pakistan, as our largest export market and greatest supporter of humanitarian causes. Whether it was the 60 million plus doses of life-saving Covid vaccines or the world’s highest monetary support in Pakistan’s recent flood crises, the US has always been the first and most generous in supporting Pakistan. The conference today was a brilliant opportunity to recognise the contribution and investments made by the American Pakistani diaspora and to facilitate more collaborations in the future. Together we can capitalise on the emerging opportunities Pakistan presents and collectively drive Pakistan to the bright future it is destined for.”

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